LYNE Shred Zeppelin All In One Tubeless Repair Tool

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Tubeless tyre technology is arguably one of the most significant improvements to mountain biking over the past years. Although this technology is a massive improvement there is a good chance you have had a ride ruined by a tubeless tyre failure and not having the right tools on hand to fix it. For this reason we developed the Shred Zeppelin all-in-one tubeless repair tool.

Tubeless repair solutions in the past have been somewhat unrefined and required many separate parts to create a complete kit. Our goal was to design an all-in-one solution that would integrate all the required tools and could also be attached to the bike. The Shred Zeppelin has the same silhouette as a CO2 canister and is compatible with CO2 brackets and includes a tubeless plug applicator, tubeless plug storage, CO2 regulator and a valve core remover.


Material: CNC 6061 Alloy

Weight: 47g with plugs

Patent Pending 2020/00391


Tubeless Plug Applicator

Tubeless Plug Storage (Includes Plugs)

CO2 Regulator

Valve Core Remover