LEATT Helmet DBX 4.0 V19

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About this item

  • Shell Material: Polymer Compound
  • Impact Foam: EPS, EPO
  • Multiple Impact: 360-degree Turbine Technology
  • Ventilation: 22 vents
  • Fit Adjustment: adjustable chin strap

The mountain bike protection specialists at Leatt are at it again with the DBX 4. 0 Helmet, a lightweight and breathable full-face helmet designed to be more versatile for day to day riding or enduro racing. The DBX 4. 0 is modeled after Leatt's downhill race helmets but has noticeably more material cut away in order to reduce weight and improve ventilation. This makes it much more enjoyable for the inevitable climbs that link up your favorite descents, or the long transfer stages found in enduro racing when wearing your helmet is often mandatory. The helmet is still downhill-certified, and you get Leatt's most current advanced protective features, giving you the peace of mind needed to test your limits on gravity trails that aren't always accessible by shuttle or chairlift. The DBX 4. 0 helmet features the advanced protection of Leatt's innovative 360-degree Turbine Technology. The design consists of 10 small rubber discs made of 3D-molded energy-absorbing material that are set into the helmet's impact foam. These turbine-shaped discs stiffen upon impact and deform as necessary to absorb both high and low-speed vertical impact forces, as well as rotational impact forces. Independent testing indicates this technology reduces up to 30% of head impact at concussion level and up to 40% of rotational acceleration to the head and dome. The helmet's outer shell is mated in-mold to both EPS and EPO impact foam, giving you the superior energy absorption of dual-density foam while helping to keep the weight down. The closure system is a Fidlock magnetic buckle that allows a custom fit and is easy to open and close--even with gloves on. A unique feature we've seen only on the DBX 4. 0 is the mouthpiece grill that can be removed for hotter rides with more pedaling, and then put back in when you want more protection from mud, dust, or bugs. Other features include a breakaway visor that adds another level of safety in the event of a crash, as well as a moisture-wicking.